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Interview with Vox

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Interview with Vox

Who are the members of Zox?

The members are bassist and backseat driver Dan Edinberg, singer,
guitarist and hair stylist Eli Miller, violinist and population control
director Spencer Swain, and John Zox.

How did you come together?

Three of us met in college. The fourth materialized out of thin air in
response to a classified ad for a violinist who was into Slayer.

Where did the name Zox come from?

It's John's last name. He plays drums.

What city do you claim as your hometown?

Providence, Rhode Island.

How do you feel playing Boston?

Excellent. Assuming, of course, that we don't get stuck going the
wrong way on Storrow Drive and miss our show.

What's your favorite venue to play both in and outside of Boston? Why?

Outside Boston, probably Lupo's in Providence because they have a
mirror ball and sometimes they let us use it. Inside Boston, The
Paradise, because it's a great place to see a show and there's a tiger
print rug in the dressing room.

Where have you toured in the US and elsewhere?

We've toured all through the Eastern U.S., as far west as Texas and as far south as Florida. We also went to Canada for one show, but couldn't understand the local accent so we've never been back.

Who are the largest names you've performed with?

Black Eyed Peas, Guster, The Roots, Dispatch, Everclear, The Warped
Tour...I guess it depends on who you ask. Woodbelly is pretty huge in
certain circles, but probably not in yours.

What was the most memorable show you played? Why?

One time we played an all women's college in very rural Missouri.
Enough said.

What message are you trying to get across to your audience?

I don't know that we consider any message when we're making
music--we're just trying to write good songs and experiment with ideas that we haven't tried before.

Who do you consider to be your influences?

The Police, The Cure, Fugazi, Old 97's, Counting Crows, The Specials
and some other bands I've never heard of.

Who produced your latest album? Where was it done?

'The Wait' was produced by Ted Comerford and mixed by Mitch Easter, who did the early REM records and some stuff with Wilco and Pavement. We recorded it in a farmhouse in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What, if any, is the message behind your latest album?

Again, I don't want to say there's a message behind the record, but I
will say that I think it's a more consistent and cohesive body of work
than our first album, it's darker and more mature but not without a
sense of humor.

Who is your current record label and management?

Armo Records from Providence, RI. We manage ourselves and make
ourselves do our own interviews.

Where have you played before this coming Boston show? Where are you playing afterwards?

The night before the show at The Paradise we'll be playing a showcase at the infamous Viper Room in Los Angeles, so we may be suffering slightly from jet lag. The next night we'll travel a little shorter
distance to Manchester, NH.

What do you want our Boston Live readers to know about you?

It means a lot to know that you took the time to read about us, and we encourage you to listen to our music and draw your own conclusions.


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