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"We Are One Tonight"
The Roxy

By Rory Flynn

With everything that is going on in our war-torn world, it can be easy to lose hope. Though all people search for answers in their own unique ways, many find hope in music. That is what Switchfoot do best and it was clearly evident in front of an enthusiastic and fanatical crowd at The Roxy.

The San Diego rockers quickly launched off with the standout "Lonely Nation", the first of eight songs played on the night from their latest release Nothing Is Sound. The band was tight on stage, and the crowd responded with great delight to most of the new material. Though their career boasts a handful of Dove Awards, the new album is more of a universal theme of idealism sprinkled with a little bit of their famed Christian rock flair. The stellar "Easier Than Love" portrays society's obsession to use sex as a tool to sell just about anything while "Happy Is A Yuppie Word" was actually inspired by an answer that Bob Dylan once gave in a media interview. Lead singer Jonathan Forman recalled the band's eye-opening and emotional trip to South Africa last year where they wrote and performed "The Shadow Proves The Sunshine" for the first time with a children's choir. Prior to "Politician," Forman introduced the song "not an ant-establishment or even anti-Bush song, I think its more like Lennon's 'Imagine'."

Mixed in with new material were plenty of old favorites spanning Switchfoot's 8-year career. Forman dedicated "Gone" to all the old-time fans while the spunky "Company Car" truly gave the hardcore fans something they craved. Other standouts included "Dare You To Move," "This Is Your Life" and an acoustic version of "24." Easily the highlight of the night came during the band's biggest hit, "Meant To Live." As the crowd intensely sang the thought provoking chorus of, "We were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves?" each member walked off the stage. The ending was reminiscent of the band's heroes and fellow idealist rockers, U2 (who have regularly ending their shows in the same fashion with "40" on their recent tour), and left the crowd with a message of faith and hope.

"Stars," Switchfoot's latest single, started off the band's two-song encore. "This is a song about unity" cried out Forman as the band ended their set perfectly with "We Are One Tonight." As the crowd sang, "we are one tonight and we're singing it out, we're one tonight and we're dreaming out loud," it seemed the group's inspirational message was successful.

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