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Snow Patrol

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Snow Patrol
Brit Pop is Bliss
March 25, 2006

By Adam Carney
Contributing Writer

A new breed of British pop/alternative is taking over the music scene and capturing all of our thirsty hearts. There's something about the aura of British rock that we simply can't get enough of. It is foreign, bright-eyed and dreamy, reminds us of old relationships, good and bad, and brings us to a romantic place that lives in the caverns of our minds. Brit pop is simply bliss.

If you are a fan of Coldplay and remember how you felt when you heard their debut album "Parachutes," then you will absolutely fall in love with Snow Patrol's 2004 release, "Final Straw." It has songs about broken love, forgiveness and self-inflicted rejection. "Final Straw" is a melancholy album, yet it has undertones of sheer happiness.

The band formed in Scotland and currently resides in the religiously tormented, Northern Ireland. This band has seen struggle and accomplishment, yet they still sport a great attitude and haven't forgotten what it's like to be a fan.

Snow Patrol performed in Boston on March 25 at the Paradise rock club. When tickets went out sale, the show sold out very quickly. The Paradise Rock Club is a small venue, and that night the place was brimming with hundreds of anxious fans. There wasn't a bad attitude in the entire building; it's safe to say that almost everyone was resiliently happy and glad to be there. You could assume that the majority of the fans were of Irish/Scottish descent and if you closed your eyes, you could envision yourself at a small venue in Ireland, watching this band play.

The band has recently hit stardom and is currently topping the billboard charts with songs like: "Chocolate," "Run" and the heart throbbing "Spitting Games." They had just finished touring with U2 and gained tremendous notoriety while on the road with the band. Fans of U2 immediately picked up on Snow Patrol because of both bands' Irish backgrounds.

The show opened with the song "Wow" and barreled into the audience with a very high energy surge. The brilliant lighting changed with every chord progression and different colors painted the stage. It went perfect with the mood of the music they presented. They played all of the hits from their album, "Final Straw," and completed the set list with a wide spectrum of songs from older records. In between songs, lead singer and guitarist, Gary Lightbody talked and joked about many different things, in his proud Irish drawl.

One of their final songs, "Ways and means," nearly made the entire crowd melt into one giant puddle of warm, pulsating muck. Lightbody sang as if the world depended on it. His voice echoed emotion and devastation through the audiences' ears and minds. That night, Snow Patrol gave passion and heart back to a lackluster music scene.

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