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Boston Live Magazine

"Our goal is to bring Live Music to the people"

Boston's diverse culture allows for hundreds of live-music venues and clubs, each bursting with talented musicians and aspiring artists. On any given day or night, in the many boroughs of Boston, you'll find gifted singers and players of instruments performing their trademark styles of music.

We aim to network the clubs and venues that host live music and the bands that perform, with the 14,000,000 tourists that visit Boston each year, the 40+ colleges and universities and their 300,000 students, the thousands of hotel guests, and newsstands and stores throughout Greater Boston.

Boston Live maintains a very high quality of print. These standards allow us to be placed not only in the Concierge's lobby of each hotel, but also in each bedroom of major hotels, making our goal of reaching tourists and newcomers to the city a reality. Boston Live is also complimentary in Convention and Visitor Centers, and Tourist Booths.

Boston Live will be hosting shows and events throughout the year to promote music and help support various charities. If you have any suggestions or want to help Boston Live succeed in our goal, please feel free to call or write us. Thank you.

Enjoy Boston Live and live music in Boston!

Paul T. Breeden

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