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Interview with Pnuma Trio

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Interview with Pnuma Trio
(In Their Own Words)

Boston Live (BL): Who are the members of Pnuma Trio?
Pnuma Trio (PT):
Ben Hazlegrove-Keys
Alex Botwin-Bass
Lane Shaw-Drums

BL: How did you come together?

PT: Basically, we all met through a mutual friend who told us that we needed to play together. We spoke a couple of times on the phone and decided to drive to Virginia to see what we could come up with. Instantly we knew that it felt right. Two weeks later we moved to Memphis and started practicing 10 hours a day. We did this for 3 months and then started touring.

BL: Where did the name Pnuma Trio come from?

PT: Ben came up with it. It comes from "pneuma," which means "mindful spirit or cosmic breath" in Greek.

BL: What city do you claim as your hometown?

PT: We are all from different places, but we are based in Memphis at the moment.

BL: How do you feel about playing Boston?

PT: I love Boston. Last time we played there we got a really good response, and I just like the attitude and the feel of the city. I'm excited to get back up there.

BL: What's your favorite venue to play in and outside of Boston? Why?

PT: Probably the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO, because there is a good energy in the room, and there is a good working relationship between the house crew and ours.

BL: Where have you toured in the US and elsewhere?

PT: We have been touring nationwide for the last year, and there are far too many places to name. It might be better to ask where we have not been. We made our way to Australia this last January and have had a very positive response.

BL: Who are the largest names you have performed with?

PT: Disco Biscuits, Particle, Michael Franti, Buckethead, and a lot more.

BL: What was the most memorable show you played? Why?

PT: I would have to say that the most memorable show that we played would have to be the Pnuma Trio and Friends set at Wakarusa. We got to play with people like Jamie Janover, who is a world renowned hammer dulcimer player, a couple of the guys from Lotus, Perpetual Groove, New Monsoon, and Particle. It was a really great time.

BL: What message are you trying to get across to your audience?

PT: We are just trying to play music with energy while we are young.

BL: Who are your influences?

PT: There are so many to name: LTJ Bukem, Herbie Hancock, Oteil Burbridge, St. Germaine, Mark Farina, Prefuse 73, Dabrye, STS9, The Disco Biscuits

BL: Who produced your latest album? Where was it done?

PT: We have been doing it ourselves. Actually, our first album was a live one, but the studio is due out in January '07.

BL: What, if any, is the message behind your latest album?

PT: The live album is pretty much a good look at what we sounded like in the first year of being a band. Things have progressed a lot since then.

BL: Who is your current record label and management?

PT: Harmonized Records put out the live album, and Madison House Inc. books us.

BL: Where have you played before this upcoming Boston show? Where are you playing afterwards?

PT: We will be coming from the Nu Groove festival in NYC, and we are doing a Boat Cruise around NYC the night before. After Boston we are heading south.

BL: What do you want our Boston Live readers to know about you?

PT: This is going to be a special show in Boston as the guitarist from the band Signal Path will be sitting in the entire show with us. It should be a great night.

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