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Interview with Mieka Pauley

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Interview with Mieka Pauley
(In Her Own Words)

Boston Live (BL): What city do you claim is your hometown?
Mieka Pauley (MP): My hometown is Boston.

(BL): How do you feel playing Boston?
(MP): I love it playing Boston. Mainly because it IS my hometown, and it's always nice to come back from the road and be in familiar territory. And it's just a cool scene.

(BL): What's your favorite venue to play in and outside of Boston? Why?
(MP): I can't really name a favorite venue in Boston, they're all really great places in their own way. The places I play the most are the Paradise Lounge and Club Passim, which are both super venues. My
favorite venue outside of Boston is probably the Living Room in NYC,
there's always a good crowd there, and it's made for my type of music.

(BL): Where have you toured in the U.S. and elsewhere?
(MP): If you draw a triangle between Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta, that pretty much defines where I tour the most consistently, although I do push beyond those limits. I've played in London a couple of times as well, in addition to some trips to the west coast, eg LA, Seattle, Vancouver etc.

(BL): Who are the largest names you have performed with?
(MP): Probably the largest name by far is Eric Clapton. I just opened for Edie Brickell last night. I've gone on a few tours with Citizen Cope and Edwin McCain. Then there's Black Eyed Peas, Wyclef, Jason Mraz, John Legend, John Hiatt, and Martin Sexton too.

(BL): What was the most memorable show you played? Why?
(MP): Probably a tie between playing at the Newport Folk Festival, and looking over the audience's heads at the bay or ocean, or whatever body of water that is - and then playing at the Telluride
Bluegrass Festival, surrounded by mountains. I need to remember those times, whenever it starts to seem like touring equals dark smoky bars.

(BL): What message are you trying to get across to your audience?
(MP): I don't really have a message. People can take away from my shows whatever they want to take away. I'm doing music for music's sake, I don't have a social or political agenda. Although I highly
respect the musicians who do.

(BL): Who do you consider to be your influences?
(MP): My influences are basically female vocalists: Ella Fitzgerald, Billie
Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, Eva Cassidy. The songwriting comes by default.

(BL): Who produced your latest album? Where was it done?
(MP): John Alagia produced my latest EP, and it was recorded in Louisa, VA.

(BL): What, if any, is the message behind your latest album?
(MP): see #7, but substitute "cds" for "shows"

(BL): Who is your current record label and management?
(MP): I'm putting out cds independently, and my management is 9 Music, based in NYC.

(BL): Where have you played before this upcoming Boston show? Where are you playing afterwards?
(MP): The last show I played was in Boston last night, in Copley Square, for WBOS'S Summer Concert series. I'll be playing at the Paradise Lounge in Boston this sunday, and then I'm off on the road for a month, starting with Hoboken NJ this monday.



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