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Interview with Matt Wertz
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Interview with Matt Wertz

Do you play with anyone else or are you strictly solo?

I love having friends along for the ride when i can afford them.

This time out im bringing my friend Justin Rosolino to play guitar

and sing with me- he's a baller.

What city do you claim as your hometown?

Nashville, Tennessee

How do you feel about playing Boston?

Boston is, truthfully, one of my favorite cities to play. Y'all LOVE

music and have made me feel so at home when I've played there in the

past. Coming through with Matt (Nathanson) is going to be over the top.

What¹s your favorite venue to play both in and outside of Boston?


Honestly, the Paradise is one of my favorite rooms of all time. I

played there with Gavin DeGraw a year and a half ago and it's still

one of my favorite concert experiences. Outside of the Paradise,

Stubb's in Austin has been really good to me in the past.

Where have you toured in the US and elsewhere?

I haven't been out of the U.S. yet, i'm totally looking forward to

that though. Being from Nashville, I've done a lot of touring around

the Southeast and Midwest, but I've pretty much made it through every

major city in the U.S.. Lately, I've been able to spend more time in

the Northeast and also the West Coast, which has been great.

Who are the largest names you¹ve performed with?

Marc Broussard has a pretty large name...9 letters in his last

name... uh... Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, Ben Folds, Switchfoot,

Stephen Kellogg and the 6ers...I think that's it for big names.

What was the most memorable show you played? Why?

It's funny- i still think my most memorable show was about 3 years

ago in Indianapolis. I was playing at this cool little listening room

and we had left the venue to go back to the hotel to get ready for

the show. I get back to the venue a little late with the band, we

open the doors to the room we're playing in and we hear the opener

say 'Is he here yet?'- apparently he had been stalling for

us...anyway, the room is overflowing with people and 300 heads turn

around as we walk from the back of the room, stepping over people as

we make our way to the stage. We jumped right on, threw on electric

guitars and ripped into this rock song called 'I'm Sorry, Mary'. I

still don't think i've felt more like a rockstar in my whole career...

What message are you trying to get across to your audience?

I want to communicate love. I'm trying to do it through writing

songs that are authentic that will hopefully resonate with people's

hearts. I really love connecting with people through music. It's

pretty amazing. I also want people to that allowed?

Who do you consider to be your influences?

Everyone from Stevie Wonder to James Taylor, U2 to Sting, Led Zepplin

to Marc Cohn.

Who produced your latest album? Where was it done?

A guy named Ed Cash here in Nashville. He's a super talented guy and

my dear friend. He's my secret weapon.

What, if any, is the message behind your latest album?

The message behind this lastest album, i think, is Hope. it was

written in the 2 years following my graduating from college and i did

a lot of growing up over that time.. It's amazing how fragile that

period of life is, and i spent all of it on the road.

Who is your current record label and management?

I'm currently Independent, but am managed by Dalton Sim at Nettwerk.

Dalton's a Boston guy and he's a freaking baller. He manages one of

my favorite bands, Guster.

Where have you played before this coming Boston show? Where are you playing afterwards?

By that time I will have played my way through Florida, Georgia,

Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, DC, and New York. We head through

the Midwest on our way out to the west coast after this. I can't wait.

What do you want our Boston Live readers to know about you?

That i think y'alls city is my favorite. Rock and Roll.

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