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The Dandy Warhols
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The Dandy Warhols
September 19th, 2005
Red Hook Brewery, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Melissa Pocek
Contributing Writer

Portsmouth, New Hampshire was fortunate to have The Dandy Warhols perform for it on the evening of Sept 19 th. The Dandy Warhols were featured at some big events this summer. These events ranged from Lollapalooza in Chicago to being one of the final bands to perform at the legendary CBGB. The band was set up in a small tent outside the Red Hook Brewery, and put on a powerful performance that was warmly welcomed by the locals.

“It was a radio show for a Boston station, which kind of threw us. I don’t think I know anybody who played in New Hampshire before,” said guitarist Peter Holmstrom.

The show began with half the audience waiting in line for beer while the other half spiritlessly watched the opening band, “As Fast As,” blasted a cover of David Bowie’s “All The Young Dudes.” “These guys are a pro cover band, in sound check they did ACDC and The Beatles, it was tighter than a midget’s fist.” said Brent deBoer, also known as Fathead named after his large afro.

When The Dandy Warhols entered the stage, the audience did not display much more enthusiasm, until the band kicked off its third song. When the lead singer, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, laid on the opening lines of, “Not if You Were The Last Junkie on Earth,” the crowd began dancing and singing along. “The third song is about the time I step out of my state of panic and conceded with the fact that, well, there is about 40 minutes left.” said Fathead.

The Warhols’ 70 minute set was mainly devoted to their 1997 album, “Dandy Warhols Come Down." Older Warhols’ fans sang along to the lyrics of “Godless”, “Minnesoter” and “I Love You.” New fans enjoyed their current hit, “Smoke It.” This was when keyboardist, Zia McCabe raised her tambourine high after harmonizing with Courtney Taylor-Taylor during the performance. Without his guitar, Taylor-Taylor was an energetic show-man and waved about the stage.

“Were not thinking about radio when we’re making a record. We’re thinking about smoky basements. That’s my gauge.” explained Fathead. When asked if they enjoyed playing the show, the members of The Dandy Warhols fell silent. “Today has been a really weird day. It felt like we banged out six songs at twice the speed and jumped off the stage. No offense to anyone, but it just felt weird. It sounded odd.” said Fathead. Contrary to what the band felt on stage, the audience left the venue ecstatic and fired up.

People in the audience generally agreed that The Dandy Warhols’ played a great set, but played for too short of a period. Luckily, The Dandy Warhols should be making their way to the Boston area sometime in the late Fall to promote their new album. Official tour dates have not been set.

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