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Verizon Wireless Arena

April 3, 2006
By Adam Carney

What classifies a band to be the #1 band in the world? Maybe it's the number of records sold, maybe it's the amount of fans or it just might be the power and presence of their on stage performance.

The Coldplay hype is real, all the rumors are true. They have a style that is daring and charismatic and yet they still display a very humble composure.

Their sold-out concert in Manchester, New Hampshire was like a block of TNT blowing up in your arms. The lighting and visual effects were like an electronic rendering of the most brilliant fireworks ever seen.

Their set list was like going through a greatest hits album and the songs just got better and better as the night progressed. The band, donning scruffy, unshaven faces and grungy clothes, relentlessly wailed at their guitars with every bit of energy they possessed. Every chord played seemed meaningful and full of musical juice.

Video images from infrared cameras showed a close up, intimate look of the band and they were directed on the gigantic screen behind the stage. Luminous pink, red and blue colors tinted their bodies and made them look as if they came from a child's scribbled out coloring book. It was truly a sight to see and a memory not to be forgotten.

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