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Interview with Brendan James

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Interview with Brenden James
(In His Own Words)

Boston Live (BL): What city do you claim as your hometown?

Brendan James (BJ): Derry, NH.

BL: How do you feel about playing Boston?

BJ: Boston was always the "big city" to me growing
up. My mom would bring us down every couple of months
to the Children's Museum, the aquarium, or to see the
Pops play, or the Red Sox. It was always an exciting
drive into that city. Every time I play there, I get
that little rush I used to get as a kid-there's
something about that CITGO sign.

BL: What's your favorite venue to play in and outside
of Boston?

BJ: I've gotta say I'm partial to the Paradise. I
had a great show there a couple of weeks ago. I saw
some great bands play that weekend and loved the
versatility of that venue.

BL: Where have you toured in the US and elsewhere?

BJ: Primarily the East Coast-from Charleston, SC to
Londonderry, NH, but I've been doing a bunch of shows
lately in California. Turns out the other side of the
country likes music too.

BL: Who are the largest names you have performed

BJ: I've been lucky enough to share stages with Les
Paul in New York City, Carly Simon on Martha's
Vineyard, and Keb Mo' in Albany and Northampton.
Three people whose musicianship and legacies I admire a
great deal.

BL: What was the most memorable show you played? Why?

BJ: The most memorable show for me thus far was
probably the one I was asked to give in the middle of
a new suspension bridge, four hundred feet above the
ocean, in Charleston, SC. It was a
christening of sorts for the new bridge, and they
needed some live entertainment for the two hour
ceremony. It was 78 degrees, the sun was setting, and
I could smell the Atlantic Ocean as I played on an
early 20th Century piano-not a gig I could ever

BL: What message are you trying to get across to your

BJ: That this is a good world, with good people in
it, and through all of our joys and hardships, we can
always find time to love ourselves and those around

BL: Who are your influences?

BJ: Nick Drake, James Taylor, Beck, Elton John, Eva
Cassidy, Carly Simon, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon.

BL Who produced your latest album? Where was it

BJ: Patrick Leonard produced the bulk of the album in
Los Angeles, at a studio called Glenwood Place. Tony
Bruno also had a hand in the production as well, with
whom I recorded a few songs in upstate New York.

BL: What, if any, is the message behind your latest

BJ: Hope.

BL: Who is your current record label and management?

BJ: My current record label is Capitol Records, and I
am managed by Ben Singer at Singer Management Group.

BL: Where have you played before this upcoming
Boston show?

BJ: I've recently played shows everywhere from Chapel
Hill, NC, to San Jose, CA. After the Cambridge show
I'll be heading over to Northampton, then down to
Philadelphia and to the Washington, DC area.

BL: What do you want our Boston Live readers to know
about you?

BJ: I sleep on my back, and sometimes my side.
And that my Web site is and my album
will be in stores early 2007!

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