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Audible Mainframe
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Audible Mainframe
June 4, 2005
By Jessamyn Cuneo

What happens when you put two MCs and one DJ together with a sax, guitar, bass, trumpet, and keyboardist? The answer could only be Audible Mainframe's sound explosion, so powerful that it nearly blows the walls down of the Middle East Upstairs.

Saturday night, the local hip-hop group Audible Mainframe tore up Cambridge with another jam-packed concert. This is one of Boston's best live local groups, guaranteeing a high-energy, original performance no matter what the venue. "We've been working really hard," says Jayceeoh (Jake Osher) who produces as well as spins the turntables as part of Audible. Their consistent practice clearly shows in their tight beats and on-point synchronism. The group maintains an almost recordable quality at their shows. For anyone who likes The Roots, mixed with a little more funk and swing, this group is who you should be on the lookout for.

MC Exposition (Victor Pontes) kept the energy up throughout the show with his fast-paced lyrics and soulful presence. The keyboardist/trumpet man Dave Miller and saxophone player Bob Moriarty were also joined by a guest slide-trombonist for the night-who only brought their already full-flavor up to spicy hot. The steaming audience danced while packed in front of the small stage, as the group knocked out colorful tracks that raised the temperature inside the tiny venue to an almost-boiling point.

Right now, Audible is celebrating their second year together, and they are playing live almost every week in Boston. They have also just put out a new EP called War to be One. To promote this new EP, they're about to embark on an east-coast tour this summer- which includes travel to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and Ohio.

There are many ways to begin a concert. Audible doesn't hesitate-they start as soon as they're up there, and don't stop cranking out hot beats until the very last song. You get your money's worth and more; they clearly belong on the big stage, and it's only a matter of time until you're getting charged forty dollars to see them from rows of seats away. So don't miss your chance to see them while they're up-close-and-personal in Boston. You'll leave satisfied and pumped for their next show-guaranteed.

The group has an album, Framework, which is available at Virgin Megastore and Newbury Comics. To listen to a sample of their music, or find out more, visit

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