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Adam Ezra Group
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Adam Eza Group
Adam Ezra Group heads West to Vegas, Open for Goo Goo Dolls
By Chance Van Winkle

sometimes i think the strongest people hurt the most
no matter what they do or dance or think or say
and there is california rising up from the coast
in my dreams and in my head

-Adam Ezra Group, California, from the Sessions album

The acoustic folk-rock band Adam Ezra Group isn't going to California just yet, but they are headed west, to Vegas. There they'll be one of four new bands to open with the Donna's for the Goo Goo Dolls on Saturday, August 30th at the Paris Hotel. As part of the Budweiser "True Music Live" tour, AEG will share the opening bill with Buckra of Cincinnati, OH; Kory & the Fireflies from Minneapolis, MN; and Grasshopper Takeover from Omaha, NE.

These four bands, including AEG, emerged the winners out of 100 bands from across the country as over 100,000 votes were cast to in the past month and half. The contest, like an on-line rumble, provided MP3s of singles from each band, for which visitors then voted on-line for their favorites. AEG joined the contest after a Budweiser representative heard them play and urged them to compete.

The Adam Ezra Group started after the twenty-five-year-old Ezra, originally from Wayland, returned to Boston after traveling solo for three years. That time was critical to Ezra, who says that those years of travel and living out of his car were "reflective of my need to not have my music compromised for want of accompanying musicians." During his time as a solo artist, Ezra's sound reached MTVs "Real World."

Once back in Boston, Ezra teamed up with bass player and vocalist Kristen Ezbicki and drummer John Anna, and threesome's debut CD, "Sessions," was released in March 2003. AEG rode out some changes when Kristen later returned to school, and Jimmy Saulnier became the group's new "awesome!" bass.

Ezra attributes the band's rocket trip to the public eye to their fans. "We have been lucky to have a great fan base, with lots of people who come out and support us," said the down-to-earth vocalist, whose recent "Concert on the Drop" tour sponsored by Nantucket Nectars helped to increase the band's exposure by playing New England colleges.

And fans aren't disappointed, as the group keeps things fresh with new sounds. "We always want to surprise them, so we do so by either writing new music or inviting guest musicians to join us," said Ezra of the recently packed venues, which included a
sell-out of Cambridge's House of Blues on August 9th. Guest musician Eric Kilburn's mandolin, harmonica, and dobro demonstrated the acoustic music's eclectic potential, as did Jackie Damsky's violin.

See what the buzz is about at the Paradise Club September 20th, make sure you get tickets in advance because the shows are selling out, and visit for downloads, news, and tour dates.

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